Classic or Modern Limousine

Classic or Modern Limousine

It’s your wedding day, the day you have dreamed about your whole life and you want it to be absolute perfect.  You have the flowers arranged, the dress is bought, the catering is arranged and now it is time to figure out the transportation.  Of course, you want a limousine but do you want a classic or modern limousine?  Let’s have a look at your options.

Classic Limos

There are choices when it comes to classic limousines; you have the traditional Lincoln Town Car or a Cadillac.  You can have them in different colors and you can choose whether you want a stretch or not.  There are also some even more luxurious choices such as Rolls Royce Phantom, it will cost you a bit more but you can’t beat it for luxury and class.   Just have a look inside.

Modern Limos

A modern limousine can be almost any modern luxury car but some of the more common choices are Hummers, Mercedes, Jags and the Chrysler 300.  The upside to a modern limo are some of features that they come with including a television and they do come in different sizes.

There are other things to consider when choosing your limousine besides whether you want modern or classic, let’s look at those things now.

The Cost

Every wedding comes with a budget and cost will be a factor on what you choose.  Typically you will find that a classic limo will cost you less, the perks that come with a modern limo are expensive to install and the company will pass those costs on to you.  There are also more classic limousines still in circulation so there is more inventory to choose from.


Will the limo just carry the bride and groom or the entire wedding party?  You can book a car that will hold anywhere from 6-12 people comfortably.  If you have a large wedding party then you may want to book a stretch, again you may have the choice between modern or classic.  If you are only holding the bride and groom then splurge and get the Rolls Royce

What’s Available?

Wedding season is incredibly busy for limousine companies so it is in your best interest to book early.  Another factor will be where you live, for instance if you are getting married in a large city, then everything is available.  If you live in a smaller town then you may need to choose from what is available in your area.  Check with the local limo company before you book.