Interesting Facts About the Limousine Industry

Interesting Facts About the Limousine Industry

It used to be that limousines were only for the very wealthy such as movie stars and politicians or Wall Street Tycoons, today that isn’t the case.  People are booking limousines for all different occasions, stag parties, anniversaries and of course for your wedding.  Taking a limousine lets you make a dramatic entrance, when a chauffeur holds the door open and you step outside it’s just like being a celebrity.

There are countless limousine rental companies all over the country and hiring a limo is simply a matter of picking up your phone.  If you live in one of the big cities like New York or Chicago you can find a limo at a pretty reasonable price.   Your biggest issue will be finding the right company to work with.  You can check out their various reviews and ratings on Google or Yelp and if it is for your wedding you can check out The Knot.  Ask questions about the cars and the drivers to make sure that you get what you want.  Here are some interesting facts about the limousine industry to help you pick the right service for you.

Where did the name “limousine” originate

In the Limousin region of France shepherds wore a protective hood and according to legend this is what inspired the design of the first stretch limo.  There is another theory that at least one of the designers of the first car was French and it was he who named the car limousine.  There is no real evidence to support this and it’s mostly urban legend but the story has stood the test of time and it is what most automobile historians accept as the most likely.

Limousine is a car style not a brand

Limousine is not like Ford or Chrysler it is not a brand or even model of car, instead it describes a style of vehicles that have some pretty specific characteristics.  Limos are usually larger than the average car meant to accommodate more people comfortably.  Traditional limos had a partition to separate the passengers from the drive allowing for privacy, newer limos don’t always have that option.  The partitions were soundproofed and communication with the driver was done via intercom.

What qualifies as a limousine

Modern limos are pretty varied and they can be anything from an SUV like a Hummer to an entire bus.  They are typically divided into 2 categories, traditional and the more exotic.  Traditional limos are what you expect to see, you find them at weddings and other special occasions, these are your stretch limos and sedans.  Exotic limos are custom designed and they will be the party bus or shuttle and some of the stretch Hummers.